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Woofa is a pet-tech startup in Australia and New York. The app focuses on pet wellness, tracking walks, pet supplies and socials. It is a one stop shop for dog owners.

The problem

Woofa approached to us to design the UX and UI for their mobile app and to build a high fidelity prototype for their users and investors. They also asked us to build a dedicated blog website for dog owners. The mobile app is a super app that allows dog owners to track walks, find supplies, log reminders, connect with other dog owners and post on socials. This app also allows them to book appointments and listen to podcasts.

The blog website was also required to be a chic and modern online magazine styled user interface that made the web design to be an interesting challenge.

The ideation

The mobile app had to stay true to the brand guidelines that Woofa already had in place. We wanted the app design to focus on primary freatures such as walks, supplies and community as building blocks of the design.

We then decided to place other features that users could easily navigate to.

The Solution

With so many features in the app it was challenging and interesting to keep the mobile app design simple but effective. 

We ended up building the Hi-fidelity prototype on Figma that was liked by the test users. The prototype was clickable and allowed users to experience the app without needing Woofa to actually build an app. This has allowed Woofa to capture important feedback before investing into mobile app development.

Aumadi will continue further development of the mobile app for Woofa.

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