Webflow's Latest Update: Our opinion after three months
January 12, 2024

We at Aumadi, have been Webflow wizards for five years, crafting stunning websites for clients of all shapes and sizes. So, when news of the latest update dropped last last year during the Webflow Conf, we were eager to dive in and see how it affected our workflow and ultimately, the experience we deliver to our clients. After using it for close to three months, we are sharing our thoughts here.

UI Makeover: Friend or Foe for Efficiency?

The first thing that hit us was the UI overhaul. It's like stepping into a sleek, modern art gallery – beautiful, sure, but where's the coffee cart? (Okay, maybe not a coffee cart, but you get the point.) The cleaner layout and bolder typography are undeniably stylish, but the smaller text and relocated buttons took some getting used to.

However, once we adjusted, we started to see the logic behind the change. The streamlined interface feels faster and more intuitive for new team members, especially those coming from a non-design background. And while we miss the comfort of the old layout, the learning curve for new hires will definitely be smoother.

Quick Stack: Time-Saving Savior or Creative Kryptonite?

The Quick Stack element is like having a pre-built Lego set for website sections. Headers, footers, and other common elements are now ready to drag, drop, and customize. This is a game-changer for rapid prototyping and client presentations. No more pixel-pushing from scratch – just boom, instant website skeleton!

But hold on, don't think we're ditching custom designs just yet. Quick Stack is fantastic for basic websites and MVPs, but it can feel a bit too generic for our more demanding clients. The pre-built layouts lack the pixel-perfect control and bespoke flair we strive for. Think of it as a delicious pre-made pizza – sure, it's satisfying, but sometimes you crave that hand-crafted sourdough with your own gourmet toppings.

Behind the Scenes Tweaks: Making Magic Happen

Beyond the flashy UI and pre-built sections, Webflow snuck in some other gems worth mentioning. The improved Designer canvas with its smoother scrolling and zooming makes the design process even more fluid. New microanimations and hover effects add a touch of magic to our websites, while bug fixes galore ensure everything runs like a well-oiled machine (finally!).

The Verdict: Evolving with Webflow

This latest update isn't a revolution, but a significant evolution for Webflow. The UI revamp might require some re-training, but its goal of streamlining the user experience is laudable. Quick Stack is a handy tool for rapid prototyping, but it won't replace the creative freedom of bespoke design.

Overall, Webflow remains a powerful and versatile platform that continues to push the boundaries of web design and development. As an agency, we appreciate the improvements that make our workflow faster and more efficient while still giving us the creative freedom to craft unique and impactful websites for our clients. So, we'll keep exploring the new possibilities, with or without Quick Stack, and continue to be proud Webflow evangelists.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we have a client meeting to wow with some dazzling new website concepts... built with a healthy mix of pre-built blocks and our own design magic.

Remember, this is just our perspective as a Webflow agency. Every team will have their own unique experience with the update. But one thing's for sure: Webflow is a platform that keeps evolving, and we're excited to see what the future holds for both us and the design community as a whole.

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