We help entrepreneurs empower themselves
We work with startups and young businesses to design, refine and launch their products through a product based approach.

We explore solutions for you to bring your digital product ideas to life and take your business to the next level.
We have cracked a result driven process that works for you
We understand the problem that you are solving, who is it for and how is it going to benefit them
After understanding the problem, we design a solution. This could also include building a hi-fidelity prototype for the user interface
We then work on developing the first version or the MVP that you can take to market
We can then help you launch the product as a cloud first application and move into support and maintenance
Our process is informed by a deep knowledge of what moves people in today's digital environment.
Human Connection
We focus on human centred approach to software development. Whether its our team or clients we keep people first!
Innovate & Experiment
We believe in continuously learning and improving our skills. This helps us and our clients to grow.
Do what you say
We deliver what we promise and we do what we say. Our integrity is non-negotiable.
Have fun
We understand that all work and no play makes us dull. We enjoy our work and we have fun outside of work.
Our Numbers
We have worked with startups and scale-ups around three continents to help them grow.
50+ projects
We have worked with more than 35 companies delivering 50+ projects
4.8/5 rating
We have been highly rated by our clients.
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5 years
We have been delivering great products since 2018


With our combination of the right people, right process and right technology, we strive to bring the best solutions to our clients. We are a small bunch of passionate designers and developers working on delivering the right products to solve real-world problems.


After finishing his PhD in Computer Science and working for 6 years in the US, he came back to India to pursue his entrepreneurial journey.


Chief Growth Officer
With his experience in technology and business domains across three continents, and fueled by a growth mindset, Shiv has led teams to success.


Head of Design
With a background in Architectural Design, Swasti is using her knowledge and design thinking to lead the designers at Aumadi.


Head of Technology
Saharsh is an experienced developer who works with his team to weave magic and build software that everyone love.

Shubham Arora

Machine Learning Consultant
Shubham is an expert in the field of Data, ML, Analytics and Engineering, with over a decade of experience across Australia, US and India.
We are a team based in Australia and India.
We are a team based in India and Australia.
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