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Digital Impact Assessment is a web based ESG impact assessment tool that empowers consultants to measure the scope, potential impacts and track management strategies to mitigate impact of various projects on the environment.

The problem

Mark, founder of the Digital Impact Assessment tool has been an ESG scientist and consultant for 15 years. He has developed a very strong process around maintaining the scope and potential impacts of a project on the environment. With his vast experience he had also created strategies around handling these impacts.

While all of his knowledge was on an huge excel spreadsheet, he wanted to digitise and offer a SaaS application to other consultants in this space, to be able to monetise his knowledge. 

The Ideation

After learning about the various complexities and inter linkages between various modules, we knew this app could become very complex to use. We decided to break down the application requirements into MVP + 2 following versions. The highest priority features were decided to be launched in the first version. We had a strong focus on keeping the user journey as simple and intuitive as possible.

The web app also needed to be a cloud based application that was scalable. The idea was to allow consulting organisations to take ‘business’ licenses with multiple user collaboration.

The Solution

We designed the web app interface to keep it simple and allow consultants to easily follow the steps in the journey of managing the impact of these project. We have launched the MVP of the app that includes all the features to add and maintain the projects. The users can also invite other users to collaborate.

We are currently working on the phase 2 of the app to support enhanced features.

A modern, and SEO friendly website was also designed and launched recently for the DIA tool.

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