Amelio Health - Web App & Fitbit integration
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Amelio Health
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Amelio Health is a health-tech startup working on chronic pain management through its data driven platform providing clinical road map and decision support to avoid unnecessary procedures.

The problem

Amelio Health was looking to build an internal portal for the health coaches with a focus on providing right support to patients. Their current data lake solution was not solving the needs and the tech partner had decided to part ways.

They approached us to review their AWS setup and building the portal that would not only provide dashboard to the coaches to view charts on user ftbit data but also help generate reports based on the surveys from third party LMS tool.

Another challenge Amelio was facing to get patient referrals from Insurance companies or other health practictioners through a safe and simple platform.

The ideation

We decided to break down the portal development into phases. The first step in the journey for us was to understand and analyse the current state of their AWS components and if we could utilise some of the existing capabilities. In the first phased, we had to then integrate with Fitbit APIs while taking authorisation from users to let Amelio access their data. This also needed a simple yet intuitive dashboard for the practitioners that gave them access to charts to understand the users health metrics.

Another challenge was localisation of user data from three different continents to meet with local data privacy regulations.

We then decided to tackle integration with LMS tool, report generation and referral form in separate phases.

The Solution

We started with understanding the goal of the data we are capturing. Working backwards from there we redesigned the AWS architecture for Amelio Health to bring the operational costs down. We then worked on integrating with Fitbit APIs to capture required data in the first phase.

We had to work on the user experience for Amelio’s customers as well as the practitioners. We created a simple workflow to get user authorisation that would allow us to capture their data. Then the dashboard was developed the platform users.

In the next phase we integrated with the third party LMS tool, bringing the survey results and pain diary data onto our internal tool. This data was transformed into the required report format.

Finally we created intuitive referral forms for individuals and also upload mechanism for bulk referrals.

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