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Funngro is a teen money management app that empowers teenlancers with their own prepaid card, teaches them budgeting and provides the platform to earn their own money.

The problem

Funngro’s founders had a vision to launch India’s first budgeting and money management app for teens. While the idea was exciting both the founders were non-technical and did not understand the complexities. This was supposed to be a mobile first solution that allowed teenagers to do tasks to earn money and then manage their money.

The requirement was also to be able to offer a prepaid card to the teens through a third party partnership.

The Ideation

We identified that there would be three primary user groups which would be the teens, their parents and the companies who would give them projects. There would be an admin and partners as secondary user groups.

While the admin and partners can work on a web app all the primary user groups can be given access to the platform through the mobile app.

The Solution

We started with building the product design and taking user feedback. Once the mobile app design was built we started working on the development. The app had to be responsive to different screen sizes including tablets. There are currently 1 million monthly average users on the app.

Additionally, we built the web app for administrators to compliment and manage the mobile app.

We have also delivered an upgraded website for Funngro recently which caters to all the three primary user groups.

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